An image from one of my beginners art classes

2 Hour Introductory Classes

These 2 hour classes are a great way for you to try out painting for the first time, and to experience my approach before deciding whether to come on some of my other classes and courses. Choose from the following 5 options, which can be done in any order:

  • Painting: Getting Started
  • Painting: Creating Textures
  • Painting: Using Watercolours
  • Painting: From Life
  • Painting: Painted Collage



Not the sort of painting class you might expect, these involve getting messy with finger painting as well as using paint brushes! They are all about starting to learn how to use paint.  I will encourage you to try out different ways of applying paint to the paper to see what sort of effects you can make.  We will use acrylic paints in a whole range of lovely colours.

You can expect to come away from this class with 4-8 pieces of work, wondering how the time went so fast, and wishing you could spend 2 more hours painting!



This session is all about looking at what marks, textures and effects you can make with acrylic paint and everyday objects, to create some really interesting and free artworks. We will be printing and painting with all sorts of things including fruit, bubble wrap, feathers and sticks – you will be amazed at what you can do with some very ordinary objects, and will find you see potential art materials everywhere after this class!

You can expect to come away from this class with 4-8 pieces of work, and feeling very glad you don’t have to clear up afterwards!



This class is all about trying out using watercolour paints. Quite a lot of art classes focus on learning specific techniques, which can often be tricky and leave you feeling frustrated. In this class you will be learning as you go, seeing what the paint can do, and having a thoroughly relaxing time in the process.

You can expect to come away from this class with between 2-8 pieces of work, and feeling confident about using watercolours to experiment with – as well as knowing if you would like to invest in some paints of your own (it is always great to have a try of them first)!



This class is all about exploring your own ways of painting from life, working with acrylic paints. I will set up some interesting and unusual still lives and you will be interpreting these in any way you like. It isn’t about a right or wrong way to create – I will not be teaching you the ‘correct way of seeing and painting’ (unlike your more traditional art classes), but will guide you by providing ideas and ways of observing and painting.

You can expect to come away from this class with between 2-8 pieces of work, and feeling free and confident to make art in your own way using what you can see around you as a starting point.

  • Dates for 2018 coming soon



You will be painting lots of different textures and colours (of acrylic paints) and putting these together in a collage – and experimenting with printing or painting in layers on these too.  A great way to create a finished painting without the fear of producing something you are pleased with and ruining it at the last minute!

You might like to bring along an image that you would like to work from (see a great example by one of my students above which was based on a view in the Isle of Skye), or you can produce something abstract, or something in between – the choice is yours.  No need to have a concrete idea before you come to the class.

If you have been on some of my classes before, you might also like to bring some bits of artwork with you that you could work into a new piece.

  • 10th February – 10.00am – 1.00pm (Note, this class is 1 hour longer than the others sessions above and costs £35 pp).


Cost: £25 per person*, which includes all your materials and tea, coffee and biscuits.

*Current offers – book at the same time as a friend, and you both receive £5 off your booking OR book 2 classes at the same time for yourself and receive £5 off (please email me if you would like to make a booking with this discount)

To book your place

Please click on the date that you would like to attend from the lists above, and follow the link to pay via PayPal (please note you no longer need a PayPal account to pay via PayPal).  Full payment is required when making your booking, to confirm your place.

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