About Be In Art

Hi, I’m Jane Beinart, an artist based in Oxford.  I’m different from a lot of art teachers in that I don’t have an art degree but instead I have taught myself to make art in the way that I do.  The way I run my art classes is very much the same as the way I approach making my own artwork.  I like experimenting, getting lost in the experience of creating, having a bit of a play, making a mess and seeing what happens, as this is the most relaxing form of making art that I think there is – and it is brilliant helping others to experience the joy of making art in this way too.

An example of my own artwork – you can see more on my Artist Website

My approach

As a life coach, my teaching style is influenced by this approach – and I would say that my classes are very much about facilitating you to make art in your own way and grow in creative confidence, rather than teaching in a traditional sense.

I really believe that art should be accessible to all!  We are all creative, we might just not have found our own preferred outlet or way of creating yet – and the best way to find it is to just have a go.  We can all benefit from making art, as creating can bring fun, colour, happiness and playfulness into our lives.

And I personally don’t believe in there being a right and wrong in terms of making art work, and want to take away all the rules (which most of us experienced at school), and help you to reconnect with the pure fun of painting and drawing.

art classes in oxford

Coaching, mentoring and art

I am passionate about learning and development, and have worked in this field for over 5 years, providing coaching, mentoring and soft skills training.  I thoroughly enjoy helping people be the best they can be, and enabling them to achieve their potential, and combining this approach with helping people to connect with their creative sides just feels like it fits!

I offer creative business mentoring (combining my knowledge and experience of running my own business and my life coaching approach) to help you if you are thinking about taking the next step towards running your own creative or wellbeing business.

Why I started running art classes

I started running my art classes because a friend of mine, who hadn’t made art since school, asked me to give her an art lesson last year.  We made art together in a cafe for 2 hours, and we both loved it – she felt confident, inspired and pleased with her artwork, and I felt energised by the whole experience.  I got the bug and have since set up my home studio in Oxford, recreating that feeling for many more people.  I find it incredibly satisfying to help others to find their own way into art, and inspiring to see what art comes out of people each time!

A bit more (interesting) stuff about me

When I make my own art work, on a regular basis, I feel fantastic!  I find it energising, relaxing, calming, I feel grounded, my brain feels quieter, I think more creatively and can cope a lot better with what life throws at me.  I’m incredibly grateful to have reconnected with this creative part of me, which lay dormant for many years.

I run my art classes as a part-time business, fitting it around my part-time administration job, and making my own artwork.

I have been making art for 7 years now, and it took me about 3 years to show anyone other than my husband.

I was not keen on my new married surname, but fell in love with it when I realised it was spelled Be-In-Art – which seemed highly appropriate!