About Jane Beinart

I’m different from a lot of art teachers in that I don’t have an art degree but instead I am a self taught artist.  The way I run my art classes is very much the same as the way I approach making my own artwork.  I like experimenting, getting lost in the experience of creating, having a bit of a play, making a mess and seeing what happens.

An example of my own artwork – you can see more on my Artist Website

I really believe that art should be accessible to all!  We are all creative, we might just not have found our own preferred outlet or way of creating yet – and the best way to find it is to just have a go.  We can all benefit from making art, as creating can bring fun, colour and playfulness into our lives.

Why I run my art classes

I started running my art classes because a friend of mine, who hadn’t made art since school, asked me to give her an art lesson last year.  We made art together in a cafe for 2 hours, and we both loved it – she felt confident, inspired and pleased with her artwork, and I felt energised by the whole experience.  I got the bug and have since set up my home studio in Oxford, recreating that feeling for many more people.  I find it incredibly satisfying to help others to find their own way into art, and inspiring to see what art comes out of people each time!

A bit more (interesting) stuff about me

I run my art classes as a part-time business, fitting it around my part-time administration job, making my own artwork, and my freelance team building and coaching work.

I have been making art for 6 years now, and it took me about 3 years to show anyone other than my husband.

I was not keen on my new married surname, but fell in love with it when I realised it was spelled Be-In-Art – which seemed highly appropriate!